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Video Communications

High quality communication is vital to any business, whether internal to the organization, or external to clients & customers.

A successful video conferencing deployment requires more than just installing the latest equipment. We will support you with expert knowledge and advice to choose the most appropriate equipment for your workplace, including video, display, control, speakers, microphones, furniture, blinds and taking into account ambient lighting and acoustics.

To ensure the highest Return on Investment is made, and the real benefits are realised for your particular business, it is critical that your supplier understands your business and communication needs, and provides a full end-to-end solution that not only is interoperable with your current communications, but is futureproof, supported and understood from the inside out.

Every organization requires a well thought out solution for video communications, dependent upon business needs, industry, current technology and budget. RGP Electronics provide expertly tailored Video Conferencing solutions for:

  • All industry sectors, including Healthcare, Retailand Manufacturing.
  • Businesses who are new to Video Conferencing.
  • Businesses looking to improve on Audio Conferencing or their Voice PBX.
  • Small & Midsized businesses without large budgets.
  • Organisations with Virtualized IT Infrastructure or Multi-Vendor Environment.
  • For seminar halls, boardrooms, meeting rooms, collaboration spaces and the desktop.
  • For those implementing a cloud, home or BYOD policy.
  • Highly secure organisations, locked down networks &on-premise only requirements.

RGP Electronics, leading integrator for Video Conferencing and Collaboration Solutions, offering unbiased solutions based on knowledge and experience.