The planned service and maintenance of your security, fire, communications and automation systems will ensure the best ongoing business communication, protection of staff, visitors and property.

At RGP Electronics, we understand that you want solutions that help keep your business competitive, flexible and in touch with your customers in a way that's efficient and profitable. We understand that you want to work with a company you can trust and who can support your telecom, security and OA systems investment, ensuring it delivers long term value and peace of mind. We treat each enquiry individually and only recommend a solution that fits your business needs. That's why we offer our customers impartial independent advice on Telecom, Electronic security and OA solutions from concept phase, through implementation to review of operations performance that result in cost-effective Telecom, Electronic Security and OA solutions designed to respond to the needs of your business both today and in the future.

Account Management

Communications, Electronic Security and OA systems arecritical to your business and ensuring you get genuine independent impartial advice can be complex and confusing. We pride ourselves on our industry knowledge, ensuring that we keep abreast of industry developments, new technologies and changing legislation. We provide expert, unbiased advice in this fast moving marketplace.

As we are not tide in with an individual manufacturer, we are not obliged to push their systems, which allows us to find the best products and solution for your company.We recognise the importance of working in partnership with our clients, however simple or complex their application may seem, RGP Electronics has repeatedly demonstrated to many clients the ability to provide an innovative approach to either solving problems or implementing new solutions

Project Management

True, effective project management is rare in most industries. We believe that the most important project management skill is the ability to listen, only then can our technicians begin to understand the unique requirements of each client. Each project is implemented ensuring that it is tailored to meet your requirements, your timescales, your budgets, and to cause the minimum amount of disruption.

Straightforward communication and clear goals is the solution to succeed with project management. The bigger the project, the more resources and stakeholders are involved, the more important it is that systems and solution works.


Our professional project management team has laid the foundation for a successful installation; employing some of the best installation Engrs and technicians in the industry further enhances this. All technicians are fully trained by the manufactures enabling them to exploit the capabilities of the equipment to you precise requirements.Our technicians will involve your chosen site representative at all stages of the process, and will be proactive in suggesting alternative configurations to maximise the efficiency of your solution.

Post Sales Support

It takes many years to establish a brand like RGP Electronics, but it can take a relatively short period of time to destroy it.The importance of supporting and building ongoing relationships with clients and suppliers has penetrated throughout the group. It is inevitable when implementing such business critical solutions that relationships are built between both clients and supplier. This is why you will always retain your single point of contact.

Clients have repeatedly demonstrated their commendation to our single contact policy; your account management team will implement the necessary processes on your behalf, to ensure that we fulfil your expectations and desires.

Whether your systems were originally installed by a member of the RGP Electronics, or any other provider, we can tailor a service and maintenance package to suit your operational and budgetary requirements.

We provide

  • Annual Maintenance Contracts both Comprehensive and Non-Comprehensive
  • Per call basis services, system rentals and standby systems as required
  • Telephone, Online and onsite technical support as required

We Assure

  • Prompt response times to minimize system downtime
  • Onsite service with minimal interference to your normal operations
  • Competitive pricing