Electronic Security

CCTV, Access and Paging

RGP Electronics is specialized in CCTV, access control and public address equipment.

CCTV Surveillance is an extremely powerful deterrent against crime and vandalism, providing unobtrusive yet highly effective protection of both premises and people.

At RGP Electronics our team of security experts can design, install and maintain the optimum combination of cameras, transmission and recording equipment to suit any project; whether it is a small industrial unit or the largest organisation wanting to protect several disparate sites on one centralised system. With our in-depth knowledge of the industry and close working relationships with all major system manufacturers, we are able to offer a security solution to suit both your needs and your budget.

Our engineers are fully trained and accredited for the installation of CCTV and Internet Protocol (IP) CCTV systems.

We provide anything from standard analogue, to the latest fully integrated IP systems with structured cable networks, cameras, routers and network video recorders, allowing users to remotely view and store images using their existing network or via the internet.

Some examples of CCTV Systems include

  • Analogue cameras
  • Digital recording
  • HD technology
  • IP platforms
  • ANPR / Fast response
  • Video analytics
  • Remote monitoring
  • Alarm integration
  • Perimeter Surveillance

Access Control

All businesses have assets, whether intellectual or physical, which need protecting. Controlling access to your premises creates a secure environment for staff, visitors and property.

From controlling access to a single office within a large complex, to the design and development of a complex permission based system allowing individual users access to specific zones within a high security facility, RGP Electronics have the capabilities and experience to provide the optimum security solution to protect our clients corporate assets. Our system designs range from a simple PIN controlled electronic door release to a variety of biometric readers.

Some examples of Access Control systems and technology include

  • Networked systems
  • IP access control
  • Biometrics
  • Smartcard solutions
  • Time and attendance
  • Face readers
  • Palm vein readers & more.

Public Address

For important announcements or when there are potentially life threatening situations within the public arena, it is vital that clear and effective messages are easily heard and understood.

RGP Electronics help our clients to design their Public Address (PA) system to the highest standard, whilst ensuring total compliance with life safety regulations.In addition to life safety applications, our PA systems can also be used for simple day to day functions such as playing background music or a variety of other functions to suit the surroundings or application.

Some examples of Public Address systems and technology include

  • PA and PA / VA systems
  • Full AV solutions
  • Portable solutions
  • Congress systems
  • Paging systems